University of Arts Berlin
1994 Diploma (Master of Fine Arts)
1995 Nomination as Meisterschüler


Goethe-Institutes in Africa and México: conducting Art-Workshops
in different african countries (Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia) in
cooperation with the Goethe-Institutes Lagos, Yaoundé, Addis Abeba
and Ahmadu Bello University Zaria/Nigeria, Addis Abeba University

since 1997

Sen. Lecturer for Aesthetic and Intercultural Communication
at Neiße-University Zittau/Görlitz


Artist statement

My works are an exploration with the atmospheric of a welcoming or
disinviting mood of a landscape, an everyday thing or an everyday situation.
It is the search for an artistic “translation” of the correspondence, that we
create with a landscape or an object.

Landscapes, objects and everyday situations are not only an interplay of
different elements. They give rise to atmospheres. Auratic moments that
strike us as human beings and in which we like to dwell. Therefore, it is exciting
not only to talk about landscapes and things, but also to correspond with them
by approaching and engaging with their atmospheric language.

This correspondence conveys a slowness that makes us pay attention and
gives us open experiences - and sometimes gives us access to undefined
forms without previous semantics. Perhaps in landscapes and objects, the
zoomed-in angle often reveals areas that no longer remind us of a conventional
understanding of landscape or object. A welcome and an invitation to feel
atmospheric in a new way. Therefore, in my works I combine the realistic
with the fictional, the narrative with the poetic, so that an open-ended
experience is always present.

Moments, landscapes and objects put us in a mood, just as we put landscape
and objects "in certain moods" when we change, combine or arrange them.

For example, a person's mental vulnerability is lowered or is lowered when
he takes a walk through a relatively undesigned landscape (cf. Martin Seel).
If three different objects, which have nothing to do with each other in terms
of content, are lined up next to each other, a creative situation arises which
can lead us to completely new ideas and thoughts. Both examples are
possibly a poetic event that positively stimulates the human senses.

My work focuses on visual "conversations" with a place, an inner or outer
landscape or objects. It is an attempt to make tangible an elementary
awareness of the power of the atmospheric - at least as an idea or an
approximation. With the aim that we have a self-determining influence on
perceiving and taking seriously the landscape and the everyday object
as an everyday "interlocutor" and as a primordial poetic phenomenon.

Solo and Trio Exhibitions

2019 Galerie Villa Blunk, Wriezen. „Leises Land“. (

2017 Galerie im Spektrum Haus Frankfurt/Oder. „Himmel, Erde, Wasser“. (3 artists)

2017 Goethe-Institut Hamburg. „Hügel & Ast“. Landschaften Afrikas.

2015 Landgericht Görlitz, Außenkammer Bautzen. „Erinnerungen an Afrika“

2013 Galerie Listros. “The Berlin Papers”. ( (3 artists)

2012 Kunststiftung Valdonica Vineyard Residence, Sassofortino (Toscana)

2011 Land- und Amtsgericht Görlitz. Projekt „Kunst und Justiz“

2009 Historisches Rathaus der Stadt Pfungstadt

2009 Aqua Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico

2005 GALANT - Galerie und Antiquitäten, Berlin

2004 Aqua Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico

2002 Aqua Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico

2001 Akademie für Kultur und Bildung, Berlin

2001 Galerie Doualart, Prinzessin Marylin Douala Bell, Douala, Kamerun

2001 Goethe-Institut Yaoundé, Kamerun

1997 Galerie Forum Seestraße, Berlin

1995 Galerie Kunstkabinett Vilsen/Bremen

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Transformart - Kunstfestival am Spreeknie, Berlin

2018 Galerie Villa Blunk, Wriezen/Brandenburg; „Petersburger Hängung“

2018 Transformart - Kunstfestival am Spreeknie, Berlin

2017 Transformart - Kunstfestival am Spreeknie, Berlin

2016 Kunstfestival am Spreeknie, Berlin

2015 Kunstfestival am Spreeknie, Berlin

2009 Artemis Galerie Görlitz. „MachtLos!“ -Ausstellung im Rahmen des bundesweiten Filmfestival “ueber Macht”

2008 Aqua Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexiko

2008 LISTROS e. V. Galerie, Berlin

2008 „Afrikanische Leben”. Afrika-Tage in Rendsburg-Zentrum für Energie und Technik

2007 Aqua Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexiko

2007 Konstförening Munkfors, Värmland, Schweden

2006 Aqua Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexiko

2005 Ouansa - LISTROS e. V. Projekt; Berlin. „Arbeitende Jugend in Äthiopien”

2004 Galerie Eva Poll, Berlin

2004 Buchmesse Leipzig, LISTROS e. V. A Dream in a Box

2001 Addis Ababa University-Fine Art School /Äthiopien

1999 Goethe-Institut Lagos/Nigeria, Victoria Island, “Aesthetics of reduced forms”

1997 Hommage à Hermann Hesse, Kunst und Eigensinn, BBK Augsburg

1997 Goethe-Institut Lagos/Nigeria, Victoria Island

1996 Galerie HO, Berlin; Kulturamt Hellersdorf

1996 Hommage à Thomas Mann, Kunst und Bürgertum, BBK Augsburg

1995 Galerie Kryptische Konzepte, Berlin, „Wortfallen”

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